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Addressing the DA/SA pull question...

I haven't tried the SAO version. That being said, my 75BD in SA mode has quite a bit of 'camming' where the hammer actually moves back a hair before releasing. It's not what I call crisp by a long shot, definitely has some takeup before release. You can actually feel the sear sliding. It's nothing a decent trigger job can't fix though, but just something to keep in mind.

I would also highly recommend you buy USED as the trigger will be lacking the grit feel of a new one.

Oh and the Kadet is quite the addition. Very accurate, and the most 'unpicky' 22 pistol I have ever seen. I can (and have) put anything I can get a hold of through this gem without issue. Keep an eye on the firing pin retainer plate though, mine got loose and the whole shebang went flying backward into the dirt one day. CZ sent out a new spring for free which seems to have fixed the glitch.
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