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I've a 52-D as well, that's evidently had the original stock modified to a "benchrest" style which the fore-end tapered and flattened out for a rest. I use mine with the Redfield IM sights. At 50 yards, if I do my part and usually with a rear bag as well, I can cover a 5 shot group with a dime. It's hard to do though, and I'm not quite consistent enough to repeat that often. Surprisingly my rifle loves the Norma match ammunition. I tried several of the Eley, and Lapua offerings, as well as another Norma offering, and the Norma match consistently grouped better than any of them. My rifle also has the 2 screws at the fore end tip to contact the barell, I've tightened groups up a bit playing with those. My rifle likes minimum contact from right hand side screw the best. They're all interesting!
My "D" has those screws also, but I haven't messed with them. I'll see what I can do with a little experimentation. My Remington 40X also has those screws.
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