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What's the average wait time on a Form 4 SBR paperwork these days?

Before the explosion of gun control and panic buying, I remember reading it usually was anywhere between 6-8 months, you had some of the odd balls out there that could take up to a year, varying from state to state.

I'm looking at potentially investing into a short barreled rifle in the near future, and was debating if it would be wise to start the paperwork now rather than later. I have the start of the build I'd like to do (the receiver only) and figured that until I have the rest of the parts, I'd like to register the receiver, so that I'm not biting my nails as I have to let a completed gun sit in pieces simply because I don't have legal permission to assemble it into an SBR.

There were a few here that if I recall were still waiting after nearly a year and a half after sandyhook, despite the fact that they submitted their paperwork prior to that horribly tragic day.
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