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Slow Down

From reviewing this and the two other threads started by the OP I have gathered enough information to advise some additional reading, understanding and experience. The subject of all three posts are interrelated and most likely attributable to one cause.

I believe your 200 LSWCs are most likely a good round for your gun and the fault lies in the powder selection and charge weight you are using with the 230 LRN.

First and foremost, you should not be loading the 200 LSWC and 230 LRN at the same charge weight of 4g Titewad. If you are, and all indications from your posts lead me to that, PLEASE note the 4g Titewad with a 230 LRN is over published max of 3.3g!

Second, contrary to some remarks here, you can find Titewad load recommendations from the manufacturer at their website:

I understand times are tight and we are all using what we can to reload, but there are other time tested powders that might be better and have more load data, therefore easier for you to use if you can find them. (Think: Unique, Clays Universal, HP38)

My recommendation is to ensure you are working up your loads using published data, starting at the minimum. With that you will most certainly see improvement in with the subjects of all three of your posts: accuracy with a 230 LRN that is currently being pushed too hard, reduced/no leading by not running them over pressure, and concerns about signs of overpressure in a 45 ACP, which is generally a low pressure round.
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