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No just hoppes #9 when done. I'm not noticing leading really. Seems like the rifling looks like it did before I started shooting cast.

I'm using 4gr Hodgdon TiteWad (no official load data for anything but 12GA). It's a fast burning powder. I seat the SWC to 1.230" and any longer and it won't sit in the chamber all the way. Also if I do push it in, it gets stuck in there and I have to knock it out with a dowel rod. If I shoot it, it will eject but the next one gets stuck and the slide doesn't close all the way. So... that's how I arived at 1.230" as a good OAL. Seems to cycle very well until it gets a little dirty.

My case neck is about 0.467" after the crimp (Lee crimp and seat in one). If I don't crimp, they also get stuck in the chamber.
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