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By the way, I've no familiarity with the FN SCAR 17S. Do any of you guys have some anecdotal information about these rifles?
The SCAR is one of the most extensively tested rifles in US history prior to being put in the field. There is a reason why the US special forces chose the MK17 as a battle rifle. The recoil is almost non exsistant for a .308 (It shoots almost as soft as my M4 in 5.56) It is very reliable, durable, and is very light for what it offers. The only complaint coming from operators overseas is the stocks (they are a bit flimsy because of all the adjustable features) If you do some research on the SCAR17 you will soon find yourself looking into buying one - and then you will become addicted. Its no tack driver, it was never meant to be, but it is an amazing all around battle rifle. The going rate right now is around $2600 with magazines at about $40
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