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The LaRue option(s) certainly appear to fit the bill nicely. They also appear to be top shelf product, with prices at or above $3K for the models I'd be interested in.

The Les Bauer rifles looked super accurate, but even in their spec lists they appeared heavy relative to the other options. There were other options, including Hogan Arms, that offered a more ideal platform at the same price.

Unfortunately, while I'd like to say "price is no object" that isn't the case. I've got to weigh price against other factors and select something that will meet the need, not necessarily the most ideal option. (Like the government, going with the lowest bidder! )

Thanks for all the comments and recommendations, I appreciate the benefit of your various experiences and insight into the different platforms. It makes the decision less of a crap shoot, considering that its unlikely I'll have much of a chance to shoot many of these before making a decision.
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