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magnums do have their place in certain instances but so few people can shoot them as well as milder rounds.

That is one big reason that rounds like the .243, 257 roberts. .260 rem, 6.5 X 55 swede, 7mm-08 and 7 x 57 mauser seem to be so much more effective than their paper ballistics show. heck, include the good old .30-30 and .35 remington for shorter range work too. They all are easy to shoot and a person can practice more with out flinching and develop real skills with these rounds.

Few people can put 20 rounds of .300 weatherby through a rifle in a trip to the range without noticing a decrease in accuracy by the end of the session.

You can shoot these milder rounds all day and work up real skill.

I would rather hunt with a rifle that I know that I can hit well with than one that is more powerful that I am not 100% confident in.

If you have the time, skill and the ability to learn to shoot your latest fad super wiz bang magnum well then by all means have fun and good luck.

Last year I went up to the Adirondak region and ended up at a local gun shop.
Almost all of the deer rifles were magnums, the shop owner claimed that to use anything less was cruel to the deer, as they would only wound them with lesser rounds like the .270...He claimed that the .300 win mag was the minimum for deer and the .300 weatherby was about right...I laughed as I walked out...
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