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Well said and right to the point. too many people think animals are bulletproof to anything other than the latest G&A fad "super short ultra long belted whizz bang unbelted magnum".

Iv'e seen deer take multiple 12ga slugs to the lungs and keep on walking, at least for a while. I had the unfortunate experience to watch three yahoos unload their 12ga autoloaders into a single doe one day. She must have taken 5 or 6 hits before she went down. All poorly placed shots and a terrible way to take an animal. made me want to give up hunting that day.

I've seen deer take a single NBT 95 gr from a .243 handgun ( encore ) and drop on the spot.

The truth of the matter is that some animals will run after being shot with a decent bullet in the right spot, and others will drop right there.

Practice, practice, practice!!!!!
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