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if you shoot go look

You should ALWAYS go look for blood if you shoot at a animal, even if you feel it was a complete miss. Its just kinda mandatory in my book.

Was hunting with another fella once. He shot a deer farther back that he would have liked. the Animal ran a ways away from him but into a perfect view for me, stopped in a sort of braced stance. It was in a plowed field I shot once, deer didn't move and I could see the bullet kick up dust 100 feet or so behind it. Thought ran thru my mind " how did I miss". So I shot again. Deer was knocked flat but I did see the bullet kick up dust again. Upon a closer look Both my bullets were a couple of inches apart, right thru the lungs, but the first one didn't hit a rib, second one did.
You are never sure and should always go take a good look for any sign, blood or hair of a hit.
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