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I've also seen 'em bound away as if missed at 75 yards or so, then topple after a few jumps. It is a mystery to me.
I suspect that mostly when they bound away they are already alerted and their brain has already sent the fight or flight message.
I also read that large bears hearts only beat about every 9 seconds...even if you blow their heart out, (with lungs) they can do a whole lot with the 9 to 18 seconds they still have left...
Please show me a big bull who can stand up to a double lung hit from a 300 Savage, .308, 30-06, 7mm-08 or 6.5mm Swede.
I am unable to "show you" but I can tell you about one...

I saw an elk take a heart-lung shot from a 338 WinMag and run off as if he hadn't been hit at all! I was on high ground and I could see where it ran to...
After about 400 yards of running (uphill) he ducked into a small stand of trees.

The hunter who shot him had no idea where to look for him... I told him where to look and he tagged it...

Perhaps this was one of those times when the elk had taken a breath and his heart had beaten just prior to the hit? Who knows?

I helped track another bull that was shot in the chest with a .308 and also ran off... we took up the search at dawn the next day and found him dead at least 400 yards down the trail... It was a good hit too!

As you already know, I am one of those who believes in the magnums and I have killed elk with 30-06's dropping them on the spot!

I love the '06 and I consider it to be the "budget magnum" and the minimum cartridge for elk sized game... and now you know why.

I have tracked a good many animals shot by others...
When I was young, I had to track one of my own deer "for forever", and I never found it...

I have never since, used anything smaller than a 30-06, and I have never since had to track one of my own kills... "knock on wood"

A friend of mine shot an airborne buck with a 30-30 at 75 yards... the bullet only pushed the deer over the small ridge... another hunter shot it... they dug my firends bullet from between the tail and the pelvis... completely un-deformed!! The deer was not damaged by the bullet but was probably feeling the pain...I believe an '06 would have crippled the animal fast enough to shoot it again and the tag would have been my friend's... He retired his 30-30.
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