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As HSMITH says, your GP will enter USPSA Open Divison because of the optical sight... along with the 28 shot compensated .38 Supers. Do you care? If not, fine. You will want a 158 grain bullet at least 1050 fps to make Major Power Factor for top scoring of hits.
Get some more speedloaders, all the same brand and style. Safariland C III is good. Use the HKS for loading the gun to start the stage at most. Better to discard or swap them off. You do NOT need to be trying to figure out whether to load with a push or a twist with the timer running. Push is faster.

The 625 with 230 RN at 720+ fps will make Major Power Factor and will get you into USPSA Revolver Division and IDPA Enhanced Service Revolver both, where it is THE preferred gun.

IPSC stages can run thirty or forty shots, you need a LOT of speedloaders or clips and the carriers for them. A IPSC revolver shooter usually looks like he has ammo all the way around his belt, at least where he can reach it readily.

IDPA stages are limited to 18 scored hits and you may only carry three loads on your belt; with what you start with in the gun, 24 rounds to get up to 18 hits.
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