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Revo's in IPSC & IDPA

Well, I shoot revolvers mainly because I hate chasing my brass (for reloading). At some point or another I actually have become somewhat proficient in shooting my Revo's in DAO mode (it took some 10k rounds...), proficient enough to think "Hmmmm, maybe I should try to get involved with IPSC & IDPA". I'm leaning towards IPSC - it just seems more, well, fun...

My revo's: 6" GP100 with a HoloSight on it and a 4" S&W 625JM with basic Hogue rubber grips.

So, onto my questions:

1. could I enter IPSC or IDPA with the 6" GP100? I don't think IDPA would allow it (due to being 6" and also with the HoloSight). But would IPSC allow it?

2. IF I could use the 6" GP100, does anyone make a holster for this that's IPSC qualifiable? I know Safariland makes a holster with cutouts for e-Sights but I can only find it for a 4" they make such a thing for a 6"?

3. How many speedloaders required for a stage? I have some 50+ moonclips for the 625 so I'm not worried there. On the GP100, I have 3x of the Safariland C3's and 4x of the HKS speedloaders.

4. Most important: what classes would each of the revo's compete in? The 625 seems to be well defined, but I can't figure out if the 6" GP100 would work.

I'd rather compete with the GP100 than the 625, but really, it's not that big of a deal. My eye's just plain like the HoloSight a lot more than the 625's standard sights!

(PS: I also have an XD 9mm, a Colt Gold Cup National Match, and a cheapo Thompson 1911 I've had for 20 years that just refuses to die...I just plain like shooting revo's is all.)
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