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But for a soldier involved in a protracted fight 1000 rounds or more in a day wouldn't be unheard of. With that in mind I'd want to start my day with a clean weapon.
For the environment, the round count is not the issue, it is the abuse. Hunter (my 17 year old) just shot the Sniper Adventure Challenge. Youngest ever allowed to enter the match, considered to be the most challenging any where. 48 hours, 60 miles, 22 challenges, including 7 challenges where the team shot their pistols, carbine and precision rifle. Each firearm only had maybe 100 rounds shot over the course. But, dust, rain, dirt, and miles of land nav in the night and day took their toll. I saw several firearms go down coming through the shooting stage I was running. There were teams there representing most of our elite SF groups, and even some of them had guns go down.

Hunter's carbine is a mess. Dirt everywhere, scratches on the scope, grip and handguard. The pistol is a grindy mess too. But they were cleaned and properly lubed before the match and he never had an issue. In a combat scenario, yeah, they should be cleaned before racked every time.
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