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Originally Posted by riverratt View Post
Let me start by saying I know there are much better options but this is what I have available. I'll also say that both bullets are equally accurate out of my firearm so we'll assume proper shot placement.

Back in the spring I picked up a savage 111 (I believe is the model, could be a 110) in 7mm-08 as I was impressed with the gun I bought for my kids to use. I was hoping that the load I have for their rifle would be sufficient but that is just not the case. In this shortage I've struggled to find bullets to reload and I have already loaded all of my 139gr interlocks for their rifle. I was able to come across some Barnes 140gr TTSX and worked up a load that shoots roughly 1/2" at 100 yards and is chronographed at 2600ish fps and can't cram any more H-4350 in the case. I found some 162gr sst a couple weeks ago and have a nice load worked up shooting nearly identical groups and are chronographed just under 2700fps.

I have experience with the 120gr TTSX out of my kids 7mm-08 and was pretty happy with it BUT I know these bullets are very dependent on velocity for terminal ballistics and that round was traveling 3100 fps. That said I'm concerned about what the 140 will do being launched 500 fps slower, especially at the 200 yard mark.

My limited experience with the sst was with a 165gr .308 dia out of my 06 at a full 3000fps. I wasn't happy with the explosiveness of that bullet. However, I am aware that the 7mm will have more SD and be launched at a more modest velocity so it should hold together better. At least ai would think.

The does I'll be shooting will average about 90lbs field dressed and a big buck will go around 200lbs. Average shots will be less then 100 yards but may have opportunities out 200 or possibly, but unlikely, 300 yards.

Now that y'all have the technical data what's your experience with these bullets as far as terminal performance? Personally I'm leaning towards the SST because I think (key word here) they will expand rapidly enough for good energy transfer on the smaller does, have enough SD and mass to drive deep on a larger buck and remain well above their expansion threshold for good energy transfer at my farther ranges.
For kids, the 120 Pro Hunter is my choice. Of what you listed, the SST.
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