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I've mentioned before-

When they first came out, I had a test sample.
My gunsmith was not impressed.

I sent it to Cylinder & Slide, asked 'em to go to town on it like they do with other pistols. They returned it unchanged, said it wasn't worth the bother.

Asked Robar Industries if they could re-build it. Answer was essentially the same- not worth the money.

The SR line is an example of "consumer-grade" gunnery.
It is not an outstanding design, and it is not one of Ruger's strongest pistols.

If you like yours, that's great.
I'm not suggesting people don't buy one, just saying let's not put the SRs on TOO high a pedestal.

And noting that if they WERE selling in huge volume, they would not be on vacation, they'd be in more continuous production.
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