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Originally Posted by USNRet93 View Post
No..He looked, owner looked, thought they had one, 'in the back' then asked if they could order one and then the guy said the 'probably can't even get one' stuff..followed by mentioning YUGE amount of debt that Remington has..He didn't seem keen on even trying..this was over the phone, BTW..I called and asked about the Remington..this place has a GREAT range but kinda stuffy LGS side..hardly ever less than $499 for Glock 43, type stuff...
Find another place to buy your rifle. Remington is now running under the "Freedom Group". Their bankruptcy business plan was overwhelmingly accepted by the courts. They have re-tooled and are now once again producing top quality consumer products. There are still some back room guns out there that you probably want to steer clear of so I would order only current production models. Their Marlin rifles are also back up to excellent quality again. I just bought one and it's top notch all the way.
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