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Hogdon's 2019 Annual Manual has data for 6MM Creedmoor and also an interesting article on loading 6 and 6.5 Creedmoor. Hodgdon tested bullets from 55 to 115 grain bullets. They tested Nosler 55 BT, 60gr. Sierra BT, 70 gr. SPR HP, 80 gr. Hornady GMX, 85 Nosler Partition, 90 gr. Swift Scirroco, 95 gr Berger VLD TRGT, 100 gr. Hornady BTSP, 105 Hornady bthp, 107 gr. Sierra HPBT, 108 gr. Hornady ELD, and 115 gr. Berger VLD Target. Loads used Hodgdon and IMR powders with Hornady cases, Win LR primers in a 1/8 24" barrel.
The Hodgdon 2019 Annual Manual was recently released and worth the price for additional data.
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