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Limiting your calibers is heresy...
This made me smile. I certainly can understand some folks who would make life simpler by choosing one or two calibers and buying rifles with different capabilities using that same caliber. Not only would it be less expensive, but one could REALLY fine tune that caliber on the bench. Personally however, I love guns and their history and their many different capabilities. I wanted a collection of as many calibers as my wallet would allow. Everybody has different goals with guns, and what they buy and why. Currently, not including shotguns, I have 36 different calibers in ammo cans, the majority of which I COULD reload, but like many of us, don't. When 9mm is around 10 cents a round, unless you have other reasons to, it's not cost effective to reload. While possible... am I going to go through the trouble of reloading 22 rim-fire when I can buy it for 3 cents a round? Then... calibers like 25 and 32 Auto, or 38 S&W that I fire so infrequently, are not going to be on the list. I've has some experience reloading on my bro-in-laws setup, but I am just starting on my own bench. SO... at least as a beginner, only going to reload starting one caliber at a time, probably 45-70 or .444 Marlin first, since that's what I have the least of on hand and because they are pricey, reloading those two would bring the most immediate and biggest savings. Also want to start casting 45 Colt from all that lead I've collected, so that's high on the list.

THANKS to the many people who posted here last couple days, I now have a handle on powders. I have 4 I'm going to start off with. Unique, 4895, 3031 and Reloder 7. Perhaps 5, Varget if I'm there and they have it and I'm in a generous mood to spend more money than I perhaps have to.
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