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Varget. I started using it in my .223 bolt gun about a year and a half ago, and use it exclusively now in that rifle. I also now have a load I use all the time in my two 30-30s; probably won't ever change that load, no need. I also have loads for one of my '06s, and my 6mm Rem. that are great. Probably won't change powders in those, either. Until I got my .223, I was using IMR 4350 in all my '06s (3), and my 6mm. I used IMR 3031 in my 30-30s. All good there, too.

I'm starting to believe these days that for my reloading, Varget would/could easily be my "one for all" propellant in all my hunting rifles. If you haven't yet, try a pound and see for yourself. Good stuff (IMO). I use the site below when reloading using Varget:
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