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Originally Posted by M88 View Post
..and yes P-990, while I do have a modern 30-06, the vast majority of my 30-06 will be for the Garand. Looks like I should also consider one more, a fast burner like Reloder 7
I've used Reloder 7 in .45-70 and .30-30. It worked OK there, but I vastly prefer (wait for it...) H4895 in the .30-30 and no longer own a .45-70. My memory of looking into reloading 7.62x39 wants to say Reloder 7 would work in it too.

For your M1 loading, just use H or IMR4895, 150gr bullets and you'll be in good shape.

Don't be surprised if you end up with multiple powders to optimize your loads with different bullets. I'll use one of 3 or 4 different powders in loading .223 Remington, based on which bullet weights I'm using and what powders are easily available. (Win 748, H335, H4885, Varget and Reloder 15.)

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