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The problem is, you have a wide range of powder capacity and cartridge pressure ratings to work with there.

I'm ASSuming the 6.5 Creed probably responds similarly to the .260 Remington, which makes me think H4350 for the 6.5 CM and .30-06. Unless you're loading the .30-06 for an M1, then stick to H4895 or IMR4895.

H4895 or Varget is going to give you the most versatility across the 6.5, .308, and .30-06.

The 7.62x39 and .45-70 will respond better to something a bit faster burning, like Reloder 7 or H4198.

As said, your best option is to open a Lyman 49 or the Hodgdon webpage and look at the bullet weights you want to run in each cartridge.

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