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What is a good versatile all around rifle powder?

New to reloading... reading posts... reading books! Picking the brain of my bro-in-law who's been doing this for years but who lives 1200 miles away. Read that every round has a powder that works BEST for that round, but that unless I'm into serious reloading for match quality rounds, many powders will work fine across calibers. Was told that Unique works fine for almost all pistol rounds? Is there a powder that would work adequately for the calibers I plan on reloading below? Or would two different ones cover these rifle calibers? Was told maybe 4895, Varget or IMR 3031 might be that versatile?

6.5 Creedmoor
.308 Win/7.62 NATO
30-06 Win
.444 Marlin
45-70 Govt (I COULD use black powder for this one)

In other words, I'd like to start off simple as I can with only 2 or 3 powders, even though I have many different rounds I eventually plan to reload. Unique for pistol rounds if what I'm reading is correct. Is there one powder (or two) that will take care of all the rifle rounds above? Or is that not really the best route. I've read different things in different books/ forums.
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