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I think I get it. I buy a gun, like last time my dan Wesson PM-9. I did some testing to find out what it likes and does not. I loaded a few powders and different bullets. Found out real fast it does not shoot lead well, or plated. I also found out it likes max loads.

After a bunch of loading and testing from a bench, I was getting tired of all the bull and just want to practice shooting bullseye. I also shoot steel pins with that gun. Different load, or more like a good place to get rid of the oddball extras that I did not need to pursue testing. I finally settled on 4 loads that all shoot just over an inch for 5 shots at 25 yards.

Love it, now zero it and shoot.

Then I bought a Dan Wesson Valor in 45. Starting over again. Its kind of cold here to be screwing with the crony, but in the end I will have some good loads and am NOT buying another gun for a while so I can just enjoy these.

Load development is not practice to me. I have refined my bench shooting techniques with pistol.

Once I have what I am looking for I load up 500 to 3,000 to keep me supplied for hopefully a year.

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