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I tried to avoid it. Was in denial for years. But . . .

Different manufacturers will have different length brass. They stretch at different rates. Different loadings will have different stretch. The list of variables goes on and on.

When I finally decided to start paying attention, my crimps were inconsistent. It was pretty obvious actually. So yes, I trim my 44 and 357 Mag brass. Brass <1.278 does not get trimmed. >/= 1.278 gets trimmed to 1.274". That seems to be plenty consistent. I completed trimming all my 44 Mag brass the winter before last. It was well worth the effort. I don't shoot a lot of 44 Mag, so I won't likely have to trim in the future. 357 may be a different story.

On a side note: 38/44 Special don't seem to need trimming. At least, not to me. Faster powders and taper crimping (about 90% of the time) seems to preclude trimming.
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