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No you are not alone. I have yet to figure out if its me or my loads wander as I sometimes get really good ones and then they go off. More me I think but....

I reload to shoot. My testing records are pretty poor and I keep trying to work out how to get it down. Lately its just start over and log the results better.

I don't mine reloading but I live to shoot. How I would feel if there was low cost accurate ammo? Not sure, there is not so not to worry.

I finally think I have the range of what affects things though I have yet to do some of those things (or get the equipment)

I am doing 3 calibers and 30-06 has too many guns. Right now I am focusing on real accurate.

I need to get back to Mil Surplus and see what I can do there.

It never ends, good thing.
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