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You'll find that very few experienced revolver shooters trim brass. You'll also find that brass is longest after it's sized, so don't use the pre-sizing length for your case length. If you buy brass in bulk, you'll never have to trim it. I have brass that's thirty years old and has been loaded dozens of times and it doesn't need trimmed. If it fits inside the cannelure of the bullet it will crimp consistent enough that you won't be able to measure any difference in accuracy between trimmed and untrimmed. Some powders require a good crimp for uniform ignition....such as H110 and W296. A lot of powders aren't the least bit fussy. With the heavy recoiling revolver loads a crimp does more to keep the bullet in place during recoil than having it uncrimped and moving and jamming the gun. Don't get too hung up on the crimp thing regarding accuracy in a's just not critical unless you are using a lot of junk range pick-up brass.
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