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"Testing" vs. "practice shooting" saga

Like many handloaders I have a deep passion for consistency and precision. I am constantly in the hunt for that specific gun's "magical combo". I load 18 different calibers and thus far have 966 loads tested and documented. I keep saying to myself "I need to spend more time practicing than testing" Yet seems most of my range trips is spent testing a "new combo". I think I have about 11 combos in queue I need to test. It just never ends. A perfect example of the ongoing saga is my M1 Garand, I spend a lot of time testing 155-175's looking for a precise load, found a great load with 168's and 4064. Now as of late just randomly browsing the CMP board I read of a potentially precise load using 100-110 gr flat base bullets from some highly credible sources ?? So following the passion I gotta' try this ! More fun "practice shooting" range trips bumped in favor of testing. No wonder i'm stuck being just an amateur shooter, but at least i'm a poor shot with consistent loads, so no excuses ! Am I not alone ?
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