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I'm not up on new Ithacas out of Ohio. The rifled Ithaca 87 came out in solid frame, barrel was not interchangeable. The 37 Deer Slayer did have a smaller dia bore than cylinder. I cut down a lot of older model shotguns and put sights on them. I found that Win 12s, 97s and FN Brn A5s had slightly smaller bore dia
than the newer model guns. I'm not sure but I think it had to do with the process modern shotgun barrels are made. I also found that when a newer model shotgun barrel is cut the bore is not centered in barrel. This is not uniform
on same model of gun no two are the same. If you wanted to make a short Turkey gun out of one of these guns the off center bore won't allow enough meat
to thread for chokes. The Win 25 and solid frame Hi standards were prized to
make into slug guns before rifled barrels. There was a lot of guys trying to come
up with the perfect slug gun back then. Slug matches were very popular and was
a year round thing. Opinions weren't made by guys who shot a occasional slug
or shot a couple boxes in deer season. Barrels were silver soldered, pinned and
special torque nuts made up. All this stuff ended when rifled barrels came out.
In most eastern woods hunting a good smooth bore with Foster slugs is good
for 100yds +.
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