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I'm Buckeye, suffered slugs for 50+ years of deer hunting. Was always after the
ultimate slug gun. I tried the rifled choke with both Sabots, Fosters & Brenneke.
Shot from both 870 & 1100. They were lousy. The 1100 & 870 smooth bore slug
barrels would both do 3" at 100yds(3x scopes) with Fosters, tad better with Brenneke. I know several others who tried rifle choke who had same results. The
Ithaca 87 rifled barrel slug gun was the most accurate out of the box gun on the
market, when it was still available. The Ithaca 37 Deer Slayer was one of the top
smooth bores too. Depending on what degree of accuracy you require for your
hunting situation, 0 to 100yds, most smooth bore guns with Foster slugs suffice.
I had them all and carried a Browning A5 that I cut down and installed sights
right up to when we got Rifle season. With any luck will never fire another slug.
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