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Originally Posted by Metal God
Is there a place in an argument at the SCOTUS in a case like this to bring up terrorism and how those acts are becoming more and more random . The loan wolf guy is just about anywhere . Is it a worthy argument to even insinuate that as we go about are everyday lives . It's the individual citizen that may need to defend them selves , family and others from random and sudden acts of violence more then any other time in history ? . At least since the revolutionary and civil wars .
Probably not.

In theory, the Supreme Court is supposed to only look at whether or not a law violates the Constitution.

In practice, there are at least four justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court who simply don't like guns and who don't think We the People should be allowed to own guns. They have already demonstrated on multiple occasions that they are willing to set aside judicial reason and contort the letter and the intent of the Constitution in the furtherance of their agenda.
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