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That will have NO impact on the antigun 4 votes. You start with those stacked against you. The 4 'conservatives' are not guaranteed except perhaps for Thomas. Unless you can have a clear, solid progun vote that might carry the wishywashy -it might be a setup for a loss.

In fact, the 4 have not interpreted the Founder's argument as convincing. Raising the spectrum of foreign or inspired terrorism seems to be a good argument for the 'well regulated militia' suggesting guns for the armed forces of the states and that those having guns should be in the militia and must have training. Calling yourself and your gun buddies in your truck a 'militia' would be laughed at by them.

Don't think rational progun arguments will be listened to - anymore, than some folks would listen to a rational antigun argument. Some could be made.

For example, we should ban higher capacity handguns as a large proportion of participants on interforums think that you only fire two to three shots in defense shootings and if you carry more, you are a nut.
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