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While the training is good to have, I don't see me as Joe CHL conceal carrying my pistol, spare mag, and then a first responder trauma pack. Yeah, I have some first aid gear in my car, but as we know, what is in the car is often pretty worthless when you aren't actually in or at your car.

A lot of the cops have trauma gear in their vehicles. LAX has medical supplies posted at numerous localities in their facilities. If LEOs could reach the downed TSA agent, then they should have been able to get him some immediate medical help.

However, as I have seen several times, lots of cops are often very hesitant to administer any sort of significant first aid, instead insisting that the paramedics will arrive soon. I am not speaking poorly of cops, but simply pointing out what I have observed. Certainly, not all cops have much first aid training or do not feel their priority is to administer any first aid even if they do have the capability.
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