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I am a paramedic and have worked the street for over 10 years. Historically we have always been trained that we will not, under any circumstances, enter a scene until it is secure. I cannot help anyone if I become a causality myself.

With the relatively recent increase in active shooters and large mobile scenes this practice is being reconsidered. A large, sprawling, scene may take half an hour or more to "secure". During that time people who may have survived their injuries if immediately cared for can die. As states above there has even talk of assigning a body guard team of several officers to accompany trained medics to enter areas of the scene that are considered lower risk, but not secure.

I've only been reading about this over the last year or so, and I know there is some resistance to adopting this policy. To why it was, or was not applied in the case of the TSA shooting I cannot say, but it is a very interesting discussion for future cases.
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