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Recent LAX/Los Angeles CA area shooting; EMT response....

I saw a brief TV media item last night that said incident investigators are reporting that the TSA officer wounded by the subject in the LA/LAX airport shooting event, laid on scene bleeding excessively until EMTs/aid could be given.
The victim was there for approx 30 minutes before any first aid or EMTs could get to him.

The TSA officer died from his injuries.
The point of this topic post is for CCW holders & armed professionals to be aware of these events and to be ready if possible to treat any gun shot wounds/first aid if possible because EMTs or fire-rescue may not be there to render aid in a active crime scene/lethal force event.

Basic first aid & milspec type first responder items are available through places like etc.
Uniformed or armed professionals should be able to provide basic first aid or treat common injuries if needed because dire circumstances like the LAX event show how resources may be limited.

Training & carrying a few basic items may make a huge difference in a critical incident.

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