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Just a couple of comments
I have two .40SW handguns, XD 4" barrel and Sig 229. I wear one of them all the time. The majority of the time I carry the XD and I've had the same 12 rounds in for over a year. These are my sd rounds. I've never in the ten years I've had the gun did I ever have a problem with a weak magazine spring. I do practice shooting and empty the mags about once a year.

I love bullseye also, every handgun I load for has bullseye. But I do shoot a lighter load for the Sig

As far as the self defense issue. I always have 13 rounds, one in the chamber and 12 in the mag. If a person is worried or concerned about shooting someone then they would be better off not carrying a gun. It just doesn't make sense to me if you have a CCW and you have to draw your gun it had better be loaded and you have to be prepared to use it.
And just a couple of things I learned.
1. You shoot to stop someone, your intention is never to kill anyone. I learned that from a couple of state prosecutors.
2. If you're a position where retreating is not an option and you have to draw a gun. Point the gun at the crotch rather than center mass. The offender can see where the gun is pointed and there's a very good possibility the offender with turn and run.
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