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Powderman, Zenfly and TM3

Thanks for the wink back guys.

To FM12, I agree with the drinking habits of the GMs. I knew a GM who got into a fist fight with a urinal in Toulon. The urinal was destroyed but his hands were so beat up, he nearly died from loss of blood.

But there was no more capable breed when it came to small arms.

To Powderman,

My thought is that your sense of human nature is pretty accurate. As I said in my very first post, the purchase of this 1911 had nothing to do whatsoever with home defense. It was motivated purely by nostalgia. I am under no illusion regarding the sobriety that must accompany any plan which might result in the use of a firearm against someone else.


The first thing I did with my RIA was to replace the grips. Got black hard plastic checkered grips. I am a sucker for nostalgia.

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