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There's a live discussion elsewhere on TFL about the mag spring issue ... I once saw a reply to such a question from an engineer who worked with springs for various uses. His comment ... springs wear out from use, not from being compressed and left alone. If you use the same mag at the range over and over, you might want to replace it after a while or swap the springs. If the mag springs are simply compressed, especially in understressed 1911 mags, they can last a lifetime. Unless the spring coils are mashed against each other, no problemo. I use a Springer 1911 Loaded for my nightstand gun, loaded with Hornady Critical Defense rounds, mag is full and there's one in the chamber. It got its place of honor because 1) it's got night sights, and I love seeing them glowing next to me when the lights go out; easy to find in the dark, easy to aim and 2) I shoot it better than any of my other guns and it has never failed to fire or eject in the six years I've owned it ... with a spare mag, 9p Surefire light and a SOG fixed-blade knife also in the nightstand, I think I'm good to go ...
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