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Always wear glasses and diptics when needed

At the range today sighting in my newest Mark IV 22/45 Lite with a Vortex Viper scope I noticed right off that I needed to adjust the sights slightly to the left.

I brought the 2 wrenches that came with the scope and thought those were what I needed to do the adjustments. My eyes are bad enough that I couldn't see what type of adjustment screws were used.

Since those wrenches didn't work I thought I needed metrics. No problem I have a set of those at home. (They didn't work either).

Then I put on my 2x biotics and saw that the lock and elevaton + windage movement was done with a very small screw driver. Smaller than anything I had with me at the range. When I got home I just screwed the adjustments the amount needed to bring the sights dead on.
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