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You left out the part in the linked article which said the guy was shouting and throwing things, which could very well be considered assault, and possibly assault with a deadly weapon in which case, defense with deadly force could be justified, and apparently was, in the eyes of EVERY court this case went through.

Focus on what was said, and not the actions of the guy that resulted in him being shot is a red herring.

Different state's laws differ in detail, but since each court this went through agreed this shooting was justifiable under the applicable state law, what is there to discuss, really?

Now, had the homeless guy just sat there quietly when told to leave, had not "attacked" then we would have a much different case.

Rau was apparently prosecuted on the legal theory that the "common areas" of an apartment house are not covered under the stand your ground law, and therefore, the shooting was not justified under the law. Apparently, every court disagreed.
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