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You've missed the "fine print" (Not to be read aloud!)

They are NOT groups with the purpose of making us safe WITH guns their purpose is to make us safe FROM guns!

The NRA formed in 1871 and the primary mission was to teach marksmanship and safety.

My father taught the NRA Hunter Safety course for decades. From the time I was big enough to carry a box of papers or a gun from the house to the car and back, I was involved to some degree.

Govt did not do this, private people did this. A private club (the NRA) not only was about the only people doing it, their course was accepted by the STATE as sufficient. If you had never had a state hunting license there were only two accepted things and you had to have one in order to get a hunting license. One was a hunting license from another state. The other was the NRA certificate that you passed their Hunter Safety Course.

The course was free. The NRA supplied all the paperwork. Neither my Dad or any of the other guys who did it ever got paid a dime, and they didn't expect to be.

but that was back in the 60s and 70s and we were a different country, then.
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