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340 As you said about the scrap yard but just think about what you said fords and Chevy's. Those are just American names... Just go kick a fender of a 2010 car made from any where see what you can do to it. Then go to the junk yard a kick a fender of a 1971 ford LTD or a chevy Camaro Ill bet your foot will hurt before you make any damage. But again this is just how I feel. I drive a Toyota they make great trucks now. I just don't feel japan or china really care or have quality control on what comes out of there factories. Just look at simple things in your home and see how long it lasts. My guess is that china and japan have to pump out high numbers of what ever they are making to make good money which leads to mistakes or over looking things that might not get by a smaller company.

But you enjoy what you have. Cause I know I will enjoy what I have..
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