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Tynman, I'm not sure where to start. Lets start with the Japanese Brownings. I've been cursed to live here in Southern California my whole life. But one observation that I have made is when you go down to the scrap metal places on Terminal Island, you see lots of Fords and Chevy parts being loaded on Japanese ships. Throw in some old Maytag and Kenmore washing machines and you have a pretty fair Idea of what the Japanese steel industry is all about, American Iron! The Japanese Browning guns that I own were purchased in the early Eighties. All of those guns still work absolutely trouble free. Without even a hiccup along the way. Now to compare that to an autoloader made in a cave somewhere by muslims? I don't know what to say. My advice would be to look at the more affordable Beretta autos that are out now. They seem to live a long time and they point really well also. I look at guns as a long term investment and really try to wait to get what I really want, even if I have to wait another year to get it. A stopgap would be to get another Mossberg 500 field gun with screw-in choketubes as those are very reasonable.
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