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JD0x0 I like the cz 912 a little better then the cz 712.
Im not against foreign weapons Im just not a fan of Japan or China. If you remember back years ago in the early 70's and 80's there cars engines would run for ever but there bodies and frames rotted away before you hit 75,000 miles so the USA had to go and teach them how to make there metals from rotting away. Now they build a hell of a car. But that was a car now just think how much they care about a barrel. So that has left a bad taste in my mouth and I just wont go that (japan and china) way with my guns.

And yes I try to support the good old US of A when I can. I do construction on a part time job and I try my hardest to use made in the USA products. I go as far as try to buy most of my tools that are made here but that is getting harder and harder every day.

BigJimP I understand your numbers and costs for the year. My biggest thing is I have only did skeet shooting once in my life I liked it but not enough to do it a bunch of times a year (mainly due to me not having time). This shotgun would only be used for skeet shooting once a year and maybe only this year.
I wish I had the time and that kind of money to do skeet and all the other things I use to enjoy before kids. But now feeding them and doing everything I can for them comes first.

Last year I had saved some money for a new pistol I fell in love with a sig P220 super match, no one had it so I put an order in for one. I was told it should be in with in 2 or 3 months well the cash didn't make the 3 months and the pistol didn't come in either. Well now I get the call that the pistol is set to ship sometime in march so now I have to come up with $1200 so that is part of the reason I cant go so high on the shotgun. If I do a $500 shotgun and the P220 I will need $1700 with in a months time... That will be hard enough never mind $2200 or more.
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