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We all have budgets I understand.

But remember, in the long run, if you shoot a lot of clays --- the gun will be the cheapest part of the investment...( at my club 25 targets is about $7 / a box of shells is $ 6 -- plus tax so its about $15 for each round of skeet...times 4 in a typical day = $ 60....

So for most of us, that means about $3,000 a year just in shells and targets...

So even $ 1,500 - $ 3,000 for a shotgun you love ...that you might shoot for 30 yrs ...really isn't that big an investment....
Go to your local clays club ....there are usually dozens of used guns for sale...often very good guns. Many of us have guns we don't even advertise for sale...but if someone asked or said they were looking for something ...we might sell it..../ go out and ask around....or post a note, that you're looking for something...
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