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Wish we had some of those lil porkers up here on the frozen tundra. I'm sure the DNR and the local ag types wouldn't approve, but they sure look tasty!

No you don't, its fun for a coulpe of hunts then they run all the deer and other desirable game out, destroy the habitat and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

That big ole Bo hog is probably as tough and rank as they come. You'd do better to go stomp around in a fresh manure pile in an old pair of boots, boil them and then eat them. Heck I bet it takes a few days to a week before the buzzards decide to even entertain that one for dinner. It'll need enough maggots in it to make it taste good to them.

HD, that's a battle vet for sure. Never a bad day when you get rid of one like that. Had a 400+ one like that a few years ago, brown beast. Sounded like the Devil himself was coming up through the gates of hell when he came through the woods. Shot him in the heart from 70 yards with a 165grn bullet from an '06, he still kicked off in the woods 40 yards knocking over pines as he went.

Sold my membership to last years club a couple of weeks ago. Took the new member around and was showing him the place. 5 minutes into the tour I turned a corner and had 4 come out in a mudhole. Handed the dude my .308 Savage Precision Carbine and said shoot those pigs. He neck shot a sow but couldn't work the unfamiliar rifle while the others were literally stuck in the mud. She weighed probably 250 and was ripe with a new batch of piglets in her. Glad we got that one before hse dropped more vermin.
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