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Pistol optics- useful training aid or crutch?

I read a fairly convincing post that putting a red dot style optic on a handgun was a useful training aid. That made sense to me. The way I approach teaching anything is to break it down, and an optic would simplify some of the tasks that have to be executed correctly to get a shot off accurately. For example, I could give more of my attention to stance, grip, and trigger squeeze.

Make sense? I'm doing ok with irons, for a newb. And I'm not looking to "buy all the points (I) can". It's more that the instant feedback of the dot wobble and the simplification of sight picture/alignment would help me correct the other things. Then I can go back and work on iron sights.

Or would jumping to the optic just be a crutch, weakening capacities I need to develop? I think I can add elements as I improve with others. Really, at my level I should be shooting seated with a rest. Then add the stance. Build up to it.

While researching this notion I saw Kraigwy (or someone using the same username) come down forcefully against a noob learning with an optic.

I think really what I need to do is shoot both relays in my local league, one with an optic, one without. Oops, gotta buy the optic and the other gun. Sorry, dear, my hands are tied! (Or will be if I do this without laying some groundwork...)
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