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Do you recommend being right on the charging handle (nose touching)
That depends. The head should be straight, you do what you have to do to bring the rifle to the head, not the other way around.

If done right, you should have a "chickmunk' roll on your cheek with your spot well.

If the nose touches the charging handle, so be it. If the gun is tight to your shoulder, it wont matter, you'll recoil with the rifle and the head wont move from the spot weld.

Part of it is rushing the shot and not being honest about my NPOA
That's a big problem in all shooting, Honesty. You see it in data/score books. People want to write down what looks good, only good groups and calls. Recorded good groups and calls do nothing to help you. Recording what you did wrong, and the corrections needed do.

The rifle can't think, it really doesn't care what you do. If you jerk a flyer, only you know it. You need to be honest with your self.

Coaches are like doctors, they can't help you unless you are honest with them, Data books are the same way.
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