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Your number of "come ups" will vary based on your load, whether you have a 100, 200, or 300 yard zero.

If you are shooting a 20" barreled AR for service rifle and shooting a Mk262 clone (77gr SMK at 2800fps) for a handload you should have the following come ups for each range

200=4 clicks up from zero
300=9 clicks up from zero
600=32 clicks up from zero

Of course your sights might be a bit different than mathematically perfect, it could be a low pressure or high pressure day, and humidity can be all over the place, but those will get you on paper.

If you zero at 200 your come ups become


If you noticed the difference at 300 and 600 is exactly 4 clicks less than with your 100 yard zero, because you already used up those 4 clicks zeroing at 200.

If you head over to JBM Ballistics you can make a ballistics chart for your load, or let someone here know what load you are using and I'm sure one of us will post your ballistics chart.

If you end up shooting two different loads, a "short" and a "long" load then it is easier to just record your data for those two loads at 200, 300, and your long load at 600.

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