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I'm not going to comment on using a rotatory tool on gun parts since I've never done it and I'm not knowledgeable enough to try. That said, I've used several of them on motorcycle parts and I think I have a useful opinion to offer.

The first 3 rotatory tools (Dremel knock offs) I bought didn't go very long before the bearings got loose and the tool would vibrate way more than was comfortable to use. The amount of wobble in the tool head was also a bit problematic after awhile so I'd replace it with a like tool. This last time, a couple years ago I bought a top of the line Dremel. I've used the hell out of it over the past 2 years and it still functions like new. for me at least it was well worth what it cost.

Sears used to sell a rotary tool they called an electric die grinder. it was like a Dremel on steroids... Anyway a shop I used to work at had one and it took a beating and kept on going. I tried to find one before Sears went out and they didn't make them any more. I bought a Harbor Freight knock off of that tool and I haven't used it much because after using it a couple times it vibrates like hell and sounds like the bearings are going out. It has plenty of power and one of these days I'm going to take it apart and see if I can replace the bearings with US or German made ones....

So there's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

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